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Estate Sales

At Central Vintage Estates we know that Estate Sale circumstances can involve complicated emotions, finances, timing, personalities and more. We get it! Our approach starts with your goals and circumstances first, then we make ourselves flexible enough to customize Your sale around You. Every individual Central Vintage sale is carefully customized to suit each client and in return, maximize all results of the sale.

Our sale structure will not force you to sell in another generic-sale-of- the-day kind of way. Random recycled ads, signs and attitudes are not what makes an estate sale successful. We dive in to the items, the history, the locations and everything special about your sale and promote it aggressively. Our background is in heavy retail, sales, marketing, business AND antiques, estate sales, vintage and decor. Because of our expertise, we know how to make you sale the most profitable it can be.

We specialize in vintage, antiques, artwork, collectibles and reproductions of any kind. We have sold 100's of luxury, modern & vintage cars, boats, trucks, trucks, jewelry, gold, silver & more. Central Vintage Estate Sales are rated at the top of our industry in professionalism, convenience & efficiency! Central Vintage prices, sells anything from vintage furnishings, artwork, collectibles, crystal, silver, sculptures, furniture, sporting goods, tools and house hold products and accessories. We have priced and sold thousands upon thousands of items!!! All items ranging from new or in like new condition, antiques, mid century modern and everyday furnishings.

Yes we have certified appraisers for everything, we are insured and have references. We have real estate referrals, real estate staging, real estate auction services, auction services and we have resources for most everything.

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